National Retail Flooring Services is a commercial flooring installation contractor.  We facilitate the installation of
     a wide variety of commercial flooring throughout the entire Continental US. 

     We provide the highest quality and offer the greatest value for your floor covering investment.  We do this by      maintaining an extensive, experienced service provider network of flooring contractors nationwide.  These full labor      shops have been pre-qualified and fully registered to help insure high levels of service and quality.

     We offer 24 hour, 7 day a week response availability for emergency repairs as well as complete remodels. Each
     and every project is carefully managed from beginning to end by NRFS.

     Experience is what we pride ourselves with.  We bring a level of experience and expertise in our management team      that we feel is unequaled in our industry.  We offer more than 45 years experience in flooring installation and have      supervised over 10,000 projects consisting of repairs, remodels and new construction.  We have a great reputation
     with fortune 500 companies such as Best Buy, Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sport Clips. We also
     have worked with General Contractors and Manufactures in special projects consisting of Target, Walmart,
     JCPenny’s, American Eagle, Banana Republic, Marshall ’s, Mervyn’s, National Rent-A-Car, Talbot’s, The Gap, Ulta,
     Wild Pair, Boeing and Historical Libraries.

     NRFS has a warehouse equipped to house any material you may need to store for a period of time until the next      installation with no extra cost to you, the Customer.

     We are also fully insured with an additional 3,000,000 umbrella liability. 

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